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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to ship a car across country and not sure what to do?
If you are shipping a car across country, Paragon Transport is the nation’s leading cross country auto transport provider. Family Owned and Operated since 2005, Paragon Transport has thousands of  satisfied customers all over the United States. Before getting an accurate car shipping rate from Paragon Transport, you will need to gather the information and details of your specific shipment, getting a quote is easy and only takes a few minutes. One Call, One Agent, One Choice Call 877-858-4415 or fill out our online form here.

How to ship a car ?

How do I get an auto shipping quote?
To get an accurate auto shipping price, please call 877-858-4415 or fill out our online form here.

Why are auto transport prices all over the board?
There are many reasons why you will get prices that seem too high and to low. A very low auto shipping price can be given for a few reasons; the company may not be reputable, they may just be trying to get your deposit, their transit times are very long, or you were simply misquoted. A very high price is usually given by large companies who need the large profit margin to pay for overhead running cost, have expedited transit times, or again, you were simply misquoted. Paragon Transport offers accurate auto transport pricing.

What is an open auto transporter?
Open auto transport is the most common form of car shipping. Open car shipping is typically done with a 9 car carrier; this type of car carrier specializes in coast to coast auto shipments. A  9 Car carrier can be up to 90 foot in length. Another common open auto transporter is a dually pickup truck with a 3-4 car trailer; this type of car carrier specializes in shorter auto shipments. A  3-4 car carrier can be up to 75 foot in length. Open auto shipping is a very economical way of getting your car from point A to point B.

What is an enclosed car carrier?
Enclosed auto transport offers a higher level of protection for your classic, exotic, luxury, or specialty automobile. Enclosed auto shipping offers a safer and overall more protection for your car. Most enclosed auto carriers will be able to transport 6 cars, 3 on top the deck and 3 on the bottom deck. There are also more specialized enclosed auto carries, which can transport 1,2 or only 3 cars.

Do you offer nationwide auto shipping?
Yes, we offer coast to coast, state to state, and city to city car shipping service. No nationwide car shipping order is too big or too small for Paragon Transport.

Do you offer door to door auto shipping?
Yes, we offer door to door and fully insured auto transport service, nationwide. Our driver will get as close to your locations as possible, without putting the auto carrier at risk.

Can I put personal belongings in my car during my car transport?
No, it is against DOT policy to pack household item or personal belongings in a car during an auto shipment.  A few items in trunk will be allowed. Call for more details.

How long will my auto transport take?
Transit times will vary from transport to transport. Transit time will depend on your locations and time of year you are shipping. Average transit times are 3-5 days and 6-9 days. Average scheduling time is 1-4 days.

What is a bill of lading?
A Bill of Lading (BOL) is the inspection report a driver will use to mark and note your vehicles condition at pickup.

Do you offer fully insured auto shipments?
Yes, every auto shipment will be insured .Each car carrier has its own cargo insurance policy, $100,000 up to $1,000,000 in coverage.

What do I do if my car gets damaged?
You must note the damage or discrepancy on the BOL, sign, and call your Paragon Transport agent immediately.

Can I track my vehicle?
Yes, you will be assigned one auto shipping agent to manage and coordinate all phases of your auto shipment. You can call, text or email to get a status report on your vehicle.

Do I tip the driver?
Tipping is not mandatory, but if you fell the driver has served you in an honest and timely manner, a tip to the driver will be much appreciated.


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